A Core Calculus for Static Latency Tracking with Placement Types

Published in Student Research Competition @ POPL 2019, 2019

Recommended citation: Tobias Reinhard. 2019. A Type System for Static Latency Tracking. Student Research Competition @ POPL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tobireinhard/Publications/master/SRC_papers/POPL19-SRC--CoreCalculusStaticLatencyTracking.pdf

Developing efficient geo-distributed applications is challenging as programmers can easily introduce computations that entail high latency communication. We propose a language design which makes latency explicit and extracts type-level bounds for a computation’s runtime latency. We present our initial steps with a core calculus that enables extracting provably correct latency bounds and outline future work.

[Poster] [Extended Abstract] presented at Student Research Competition @ POPL 2019

Also see my corresponding Master Thesis: A Type System for Static Latency Tracking